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Cloud-based Message Archival for Security and Compliance


Encore CloudArchive Lowers Your Cost of Doing Business

There are many reasons to archive your company’s email messages – compliance mandates, protection against legal liability, retrieval of important communications, optimization of computing infrastructure, and more. Encore CloudArchive is a powerful message archiving solution that accomplishes each of those goals while delivering a hard dollar return on investment through reduction in IT infrastructure and resource costs. Easy to implement, manage, and access, CloudArchive is hosted and maintained by Encore in our highly available and secure data centers so that your entire email history is always just a click away from any mobile or deskbound device.


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Encore CloudArchive is an enterprise-level solution that scales to meet any requirement and includes every feature of the most expensive systems to deliver the most bang for the least bucks.

icon-messagearchive   Complete Message Archiving

CloudArchive captures all inbound and outbound email content regardless of message volume, file size, or number of users. Indexed data includes message subject, body content, attachments, and folder information, as well as user calendars, contacts and scheduled tasks.

icon-datastorage   Optimized Data Storage

Through advanced compression and deduplication technologies, CloudArchive reduces email storage requirements 85%. Find and retrieve messages faster, respond quickly to e-discovery requests, and meet compliance requirements easily.

icon-foldermanagement   Replicated Folder Management

Your folder structure is retained so navigation of the archive is intuitive. Every folder can be seen and searched using the Web-based user interface or a synchronized Outlook add-in.

icon-student   Enabled User Access

Choose your device – IOS and Android mobile platforms are supported in addition to devices on tertiary networks. Users can stub messages and restore stubbed attachments.

icon-policy   Personalized Policy Management

Administrators are empowered with customizable retention policies and role-based user access that automate archive scheduling, manage stubbing, and enforce email content standards.

icon-popular   Compatible with Popular Email Apps

Use CloudArchive with leading email applications including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, GoogleMail, IBM Lotus Notes, and Novell GroupWise.

icon-regulatory   Worry-free Compliance

CloudArchive provides comprehensive compliance with all government regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, and FINRA mandates.

Necessary & Affordable

Email archival is a prudent measure that should be taken by companies of any size.

icon-compliance   Legal Considerations

Government, health care, and financial companies have strict requirements regarding document retention, and there are no statutes of limitation to curtail potential liability should you be sued. Failure to produce emails can result in a judgment against your company.

icon-regulatory   Regulatory Compliance

More frequently, your company is required to archive emails to comply with government regulations, such as those issued under the Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA Acts, and by the FDA and SEC. Significant fines and penalties can be assessed for non-compliance.

icon-knowledge   Knowledge Management

Often, emails are the only documentation of critical business information. Preserving those messages can be vital to the company’s success and viability.

icon-datastorage   Storage Management

Centralized archiving secures the company’s possession of its valuable intellectual property against loss, negligent destruction, or theft by employees.

Encore CloudArchive is a powerful and low cost solution that reduces your company’s risks and potential liabilities.


The Case for Email Archival - Pay Now or Pay More Later

The government takes compliance seriously – very seriously. And not only for private companies – government agencies must also archive emails to comply with requests under the Freedom of Information Act, the Patriot Act, National Archive Records Administration (NARA) and other legislation. Here are just a few examples of fines imposed for non-compliance:


  • $15 million fine paid by Morgan Stanley to the Securities and Exchange for email production delays, destroying emails, and misleading investigators. A separate judgment of $1.57 BILLION was overturned on appeal.
  • $825 million in fines – Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley, Solomon Smith Barney Inc. and U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Inc. were each fined $1.65 million for failures to produce emails.
  • $10,000 paid by Ayre Investments for failure to establish, maintain and enforce any supervisory system reasonably designed to ensure that all business-related emails were retained.
  • • $150,000 paid by H. Beck, Inc., which was given 30 days to certify that compliant processes were put in place


Even if your company does archive emails, if the system does not facilitate quick and easy responses to e-discovery requests, costs to produce can be more than the potential judgment. For example, the cost to restore 77 backup tapes pursuant to e-discovery requests in the case Zubulake vs. Warbung (UBS Bank) amounted to $165,954 with an additional cost of $107,694 to review that data for relevance.


Encore Professional Services that Ensure Success

icon-design   System Design

Encore CloudArchive is a robust email archiving solution delivered as cloud-based software-as-a-service; yet, it retains significant flexibility in its configuration and deployment to accommodate specific user personalization..

Encore technicians will conduct a needs analysis of your organization and then design a complete solution, including any additional applications necessary, to attain the defined goals and deliver maximum value and usability.

icon-implementation   Implementation and Training

Encore’s implementation methodology enables a seamless transition to the new solution with minimal, if any, system downtime. Issues surrounding accessibility, security, availability/business continuity, customization, scalability, systems and user support, and administration are considered and an effective strategy that ensure success is defined and executed.

Depending on the number of administrators, user training can be delivered through various modalities (classroom, online, train-the-trainer) as appropriate

icon-migration   Migration and Integration

Transition to the Encore CloudArchive solution can require the migration of existing databases, content, and user accounts. For custom solutions, integration of third party software, including proprietary Encore applications, can be developed and implemented.

The Encore project team executes a proven quality control process that tests and retests each step before final switchover.





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