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Monday, October 16, 2017

Considering Hosted VoIP Communications?

Your network infrastructure is ready for Hosted VoIP. Now let us consider some of the “Gotcha’s” that impact Hosted VoIP communications.


Other Considerations

Often overlooked, these non-technology considerations can impact a successful Hosted VoIP implementation.

icon-selection   Handset Selection

Encore CloudVoice provides compatibility with many of the leading VoIP handset manufactures; but features may vary dependent upon hardware. To ensure full feature availability, choose from the Encore CloudVoice recommended VoIP handsets.

icon-location   Handset Location

Where will these handsets go? Of course they are distributed to the end-user, but what limitations does their environment present; connectivity, power or placement and the associated distance to each?

icon-warranty   Handset Warranty

What happens when a VoIP handset fails? VoIP handsets are devices on the network and cannot only provide functionality they can cause detriment to your network infrastructure. VoIP handset warranties provide piece of mind when you need to replace these devices.

icon-migration   Handset Deployment

You have selected a VoIP handset and are ready to provide service. Consider what may be required for the physical deployment of the VoIP handsets… Encore Technology Group provides handset deployment.

icon-change   Managing Change

Implementing a new VoIP communications system is no small task. End users of every category may find objection and resist. Overcome objection with prescriptive internal marketing focused on the features and benefits of their voice communications.

icon-teacher   Administrative Training

Every voice service implementation requires administrative management. While VoIP reduces the burden placed on the management of moves, adds and changes, local decisions and requirements for VoIP services requires administrative oversight; with administrative training local decisions and requirements can be applied.

icon-teacher   End User Training

The primary source of frustration related to a successful VoIP project is the lack of end user training. If the end user does not understand the basic features, enterprise communication fails. With appropriate end user training you users will be empowered to communicate with voice.

icon-support   Service and Support

No matter the investment, entering VoIP communications alone often leads to failed VoIP implementations. Do not go alone… go with a leader in VoIP communications, Encore Technology Group. With administrative support provided 24x7 by a recognized leader in Unified Communications, rest assured you will observe the high quality calls you expect for each user of your system.

icon-more   And There Is More...

Implementing a successful VoIP project can be overwhelming. Turn to a leader in Unified Communications to review your specific requirements… contact Encore Cloud Services and our professionals to assist you.




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