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Technology has transformed our lives. We rely on it for communication, collaboration and learning. We leverage it for entertainment. It helps us conduct business, manage our day, and be productive in the office, at home and in transit. Today, in public and private sector organizations everywhere, technologies are being used to fuel business processes and workflows, provide anytime-anywhere access to data, and encourage real-time interactivity among stakeholders.

Yes, technology has the power to do great things. But it requires a reliable infrastructure to support it and unification across all tools and devices to drive user adoption, accessibility, usability and other critical success factors. It also requires an experienced and diligent team to deploy it and keep it running, especially as IT environments become increasingly more complex.

Encore Technology Group offers a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of technology solutions for educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises. And our highly experienced and heavily certified consultants, architects, engineers, integrators and technicians bring strategy, best practices, knowledge and passion to every solution we deliver. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for all things IT – from network infrastructures to communications systems to interactive classrooms to physical security systems to cloud services, and so much more.

Borderless Networks

Many technology solutions are only as good as the engine that runs them. In business, this means having a reliable, scalable and secure network infrastructure that serves as the critical foundation of all your tools, functions and workflows. We design, develop and deploy custom networks that not only support hardware, software and peripherals, but can also back your voice, video and mobility systems. Our borderless networks proactively provide for the enablement of global connectivity by ensuring anytime-anywhere access for all workers – in the office or on-the-go.

Data Center and Enterprise Systems

The data center acts as your central IT hub connecting all enterprise systems, applications, data, content and users. It houses servers and racks, storage devices, backup appliances, cabling and other networking components. We provide all products and services related to data center design, installation and maintenance, and our solutions portfolio extends to include technologies for hardware and software virtualization, application delivery and acceleration, message and e-mail archival, backup and disaster recovery, and other mission-critical tools for user connectivity, data availability and business continuity. All solutions are available for onsite deployment, some are also available as Cloud Services, and sometimes a combination of onsite and cloud-based is best.

Interactive Technology

We are an interactive planet of people who thrive on rapid communication and real-time collaboration, and at Encore Technology Group, we understand the true power of interactivity. Our team installs whiteboards, tablets, video and audio, 3D cameras and other tools to support this need for interactivity – from the kindergarten classroom to the college lecture room to the enterprise boardroom. As one of the nation’s leading providers of connected K-12 classrooms, we have created an environment that accelerates and deepens student learning through constant personalization, collaboration, engagement and assessment – in over 40,000 K-12 classrooms!

Physical Security & Infrastructure

The most effective and reliable physical security systems are those that are tightly woven into IT infrastructures, rather than built as standalone systems, so we often take a holistic approach to our security and infrastructure solutions. With your security solution, we can provide badges with magnetic codes and the badge readers that authorize admittance into facilities, card readers for accurately identifying visitors, check-in and check-out technologies, reliable high-definition surveillance cameras, entry point access panels, automatic monitoring technologies, etc. We’ll fully integrate the solution into your IT infrastructure, all the way down to the cabling. Our team members are structured cabling trained and certified and have vast hands-on experience.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

People communicate and collaborate in many different ways – via phone, e-mail, text and instant messaging, social media, videoconferencing, web-based tools, and various other means. We offer solutions that converge all of the communications and collaboration channels used throughout your entire organization into a single IT platform that’s flexible, intuitive and easy to manage. Our solutions modernize telephone systems with IP telephony, drive cross-communication efficiency, provide for high availability, increase presence across all channels, facilitate real-time interaction and collaboration, improve safety communication, and more. We also offer a cloud-based, hosted VoIP solution, CloudVoice, which requires little to no upfront investment.


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