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Monday, October 16, 2017

Data Center and Enterprise Systems

If data is the lifeblood of an organization, then the data center is its heart. The data center serves as the central hub connecting all enterprise systems, applications, data, content and users. It houses servers and racks, storage devices, backup appliances, cabling and other vital networking components. These pieces come together to form an IT infrastructure that can support all data distribution, retention, regulation and recovery tasks. The consistent, cross-platform availability of all systems and data for all users begins with a robust data center built with reliable hardware.

But hardware alone isn’t enough. In an effort to increase the efficiency of their IT operations, savvy tech teams are beginning to rethink their data centers, consider more strategic technology goals, and seek out ways to make their networks more automated, dense and virtual. The sheer volume, variety and complexity of data, applications and end user devices are the catalysts for this evolution – and the rationale for building more efficient networks and data centers.

It’s not the hardware but how you use it that matters.

More square footage doesn’t necessarily equate to a better data center, nor does more equipment, the newest hardware or the greatest expense. How you architect and leverage your infrastructure is what matters. At Encore Technology Group, we are committed to helping clients get the most out of their existing equipment before deploying anything new, and building scalable, unified infrastructures. We often do this through hardware virtualization, which consolidates resources, improves manageability, increases energy efficiency, and reduces capital expense and total cost of ownership. We can virtualize servers and storage systems, allowing them to share hardware and disc space to extend capacity and lifespan. We take distributed technologies that previously formed hard-to-manage data siloes and were previously not shareable, and we consolidate them and make them shareable. We create virtualized server and storage pools that bring together multiple operating systems, applications and data siloes on far fewer hardware platforms.

It’s not the software but how you use it that matters.

Clunky applications that require installation on every desktop, and consume local disc space and processing power, are a thing of the past. And how many workers are still tied to their desktops anyway? Mobile workforces require mobile computing environments. Software virtualization and application delivery technologies make this possible. While some applications are virtualized out of the box, many legacy software solutions and enterprise systems are traditionally installed on every desktop. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. We can build virtualization into nearly any software application. With virtualization, your software is installed at the network level, in the data center, and users are given virtualized access to it from any device, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Virtualization improves portability across platforms and devices and simplifies manageability (install once, deploy to all). It can also extend desktop life by moving the bulk of the processing power from client hardware to server hardware.

… and ultimately, it’s about computing performance.

One way we can improve IT efficiency is by virtualizing hardware, software and databases for delivery to devices. But we also look beyond delivery toward performance improvements, and we work closely with clients to improve computing performance for users. Our goal is to ensure that users are consistently met with optimum performance when accessing data and content through enterprise systems, line-of-business applications, and other software and databases. To accomplish this, we roll out advanced application delivery tools and methodologies – such as server load balancing, multilayer security and application acceleration – across networks.

Further improve performance by archiving old or seldom-used data.

We also help alleviate network congestion by balancing on-demand, at-the-ready content with seldom-used, archive-able content. Our archive solutions are designed to preserve content based on set retention schedules, while freeing up valuable server resources for active content. Message and e-mail archiving are common applications, because in addition to increasing system resources by removing old messages from active repositories, messages and e-mails are archived in their original, unaltered state, which is required for e-discovery and regulatory compliance.

Protect your data assets and be prepared for the unexpected.

Because of the data center’s mission-critical role and the need for high availability and business continuity, there’s an inherent need to build solid redundancy, security, backup, disaster recovery and other protective measures into data centers. It’s the reason redundant and mirrored locations, backup power supplies, environmental controls like air conditioning and fire suppression units, and various physical and electronic security systems are all an integral part of data center design. We have extensive experience designing and modernizing data centers. We also have extensive experience helping clients prepare for the unexpected, because unfortunately, we know that any degree of data loss can impede productivity and hurt the bottom line. Whether it’s as simple as one misplaced file or the complete loss of all systems and data due to a natural disaster, organizations must be prepared to quickly recover data and content in the event of a loss.

Many of our onsite solutions are also available in the cloud.

Our client roster consists of public and private sector organizations of all sizes, and because of this client diversity, we have built a technology solutions portfolio that is equally as diverse. We understand that some organizations need robust onsite solutions for things like hardware and software virtualization, application delivery, message and e-mail archiving, backup and recovery, etc., and for those clients, we have the hands-on knowledge, toolsets and products to build those solutions within their own data centers. But for other clients, it makes more sense to consider our cloud-based solutions, which are built into our data centers and managed by our team of experts. Our cloud-based solutions are all highly flexible and scalable to fit many budgets.

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