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Monday, October 16, 2017

Interactive Whiteboards

Enliven teaching and learning with our range of interactive whiteboard systems. Designed to focus attention and provide a platform to boost the interactivity of your lessons, ActivBoard interactive whiteboards and Promethean's teaching software provide the essential building blocks for any digitally connected classroom. Because each classroom is unique, Promethean ActivBoard Systems are available in a wide variety of configurations, enabling you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.


Which is the right ActivBoard for you?

ActivBoard Touch
chart-abtouch Combines touch interactivity with Promethean’s unparalleled ActivInspire Professional Edition software, while respecting tight budgets.
  • Available In 78" and 88"
  • Dual User Capable
  • Touch Interactivity
  • ActivInspire Professional
  • One Year Standard Warranty
ActivBoard 300 Pro
chart-ab300 Combines color, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and dual-user ActivPen functionality to enliven any topic. Capturing your pupils’ attention just got a whole lot easier.
  • Available In 78", 87" and 95"
  • Dual User Capable
  • ActivPen Interactivity
  • ActivInspire Professional
  • Three Year Standard Warranty
ActivBoard 500 Pro
chart-ab500 Offers the best of both worlds with intuitive multi-touch, multi-user and ActivPen functionalities. It fosters a true collaborative learning experience, allowing up to four students to work together at the board.
  • Available In 78", 87" and 95"
  • Dual User Capable
  • ActivPen & Touch Interactivity
  • ActivInspire Professional
  • Three Year Standard Warranty


With Promethean’s Interactive Whiteboard Systems

icon-promethean   Engage Users

Create an engaging and interactive learning experience with the ability to focus attention and keep curious minds interested in your lesson content.

icon-promethean   Multiple Inputs

Choose from ActivPen, intuitive touch, or a combination of both types of interactivity for the best of both worlds.

icon-promethean   Be Creative

Create dynamic lessons with award-winning ActivInspire software, inject interactivity into PowerPoint presentations with Promethean ActivOffice or use any program that runs on your PC or Mac on the ActivBoard for a rich and varied learning experience.

icon-promethean   Collaborate

Foster collaboration as up to four students work together simultaneously on a joint task.


Why Promethean?

At Promethean, we understand that every school is unique and faces different challenges. One size doesn't fit all. As a global leader of interactive technology in education, Promethean develops technology that transforms learning, helps make life easier in the classroom and improves student performance.


Why Encore?

At Encore Technology Group, we understand the power of the connected classroom. We’ve seen firsthand what happens when archaic chalkboards and static whiteboards are replaced with interactive technology. We’ve witnessed the inspiration, enthusiasm and passion for learning that are cultivated in these new enhanced educational spaces. In fact, we’ve seen this a lot, because our team members have already built over 40,000 connected classrooms in K-12 schools alone, as well as many in higher education institutions and professional development organizations.






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