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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Soundfield Systems

A FrontRow sound system lets students throughout the classroom hear without undue effort — leaving them mentally more ready and able to learn. Numerous studies have reported tremendous benefits from FrontRow implementations, including greater student achievement, easier classroom management, and improved teacher energy.


Which is the right Soundfield System for you?

FrontRow Juno
chart-fr-juno Juno® is the world’s most advanced classroom communication tool, combining the convenience of portable audio products with the sound quality of installed systems
FrontRow ProDigital
chart-fr-pd Because it invisibly handles tough tasks — like monitoring sound quality, suppressing feedback, and optimizing power use — Pro Digital is as easy on school budgets as it is to use.
FrontRow ToGo
chart-fr-tg Completely installation-free, FrontRow ToGo is the only “all-in-one” sound system with DuO™ Technology. FrontRow ToGo goes anywhere students need to listen.



Why FrontRow?

There are many obstacles to learning. We believe communication shouldn't be one of them. There's overwhelming evidence that improved classroom sound quality builds student comprehension and test scores and greatly reduces behavioral problems. That's why the people of FrontRow have worked for decades to make sure every teacher's voice is heard. The fact is, we build great products, but teachers are the ones who bring learning to life. It's a big job. Hopefully we can make it easier.


Why Encore?

At Encore Technology Group, we understand the power of the connected classroom. We’ve seen firsthand what happens when archaic chalkboards and static whiteboards are replaced with interactive technology. We’ve witnessed the inspiration, enthusiasm and passion for learning that are cultivated in these new enhanced educational spaces. In fact, we’ve seen this a lot, because our team members have already built over 40,000 connected classrooms in K-12 schools alone, as well as many in higher education institutions and professional development organizations.





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