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Monday, October 16, 2017

Physical Security

People and data are typically an organization’s two most important assets – and both deserve protection. A robust and reliable information technology infrastructure can be built to securely store an organization’s data assets. Network infrastructure components like user logins tied into rights-based file access controls, advanced firewall technologies, anti-virus and anti-malware software, and backup and recovery tools are all aimed at protecting data. But we all need to be thinking about security beyond data assets, and implementing measures that protect people, too.

Sadly, this is as true in elementary schools as it is in global commercial enterprises today. In fact, it seems that no organization is exempt from threats against the well-being of its people anymore. Physical security measures must be enacted for personnel in office settings, teachers and students in classrooms, employees and constituents in government buildings, healthcare professionals and patients in hospitals, workers in manufacturing plants, and virtually all others who staff or frequent any public or private building. And unfortunately, while no physical security system is invincible, much can be done with protective technologies that provide some peace of mind.

An ounce of prevention …

Encore Technology Group helps organizations implement security and safety measures that protect facilities, and the people and data they house. Physical security starts with prevention, which is often supported by access control and deterrence technologies. Just as we can help you limit access to your data to only those individuals who need access, we can also help you limit access to your facilities. We can provide badges with magnetic codes and the badge readers that authorize admittance into facilities, card readers for accurately identifying visitors, check-in and check-out technologies, interior and exterior surveillance systems, entry point access panels, and various other security systems. These systems can all be supported on the back end by your IT infrastructure, providing for centralized management of physical security technologies.

Constantly monitor facilities and assess activity.

Surveillance video technologies have come a long way in the past decade, with video capture and playback now mirroring what you would find in the entertainment space. Modern technologies, including high-definition IP video streaming and digital video recorders (DVR), have replaced the fuzzy, analog, nearly unusable surveillance video of the past. Furthermore, anytime-anywhere command and control of video playback has increased the visibility and usability of live and recorded video streams. We can also deploy advanced monitoring software that can do most of the monitoring for you, constantly assessing authorized and unauthorized movements in and around your facilities. For example, pattern detection and analytics software may flag an unattended package that has been sitting stationary for too long, and license plate capture tools will alert you to any suspicious vehicles. Again, all of these technologies are supported by your IT infrastructure, enabling them to scale from a localized solution to an enterprise-level one.

Be prepared to react and respond quickly.

Let’s face it, bad things happen, and while we don’t want to dwell on the possibilities or live in fear, we do want to be prepared to respond in the fastest and most appropriate way to any threat against physical security. At Encore Technology Group, we want to be your partner in proactive prevention. We can install the cameras, cabling and wiring, hardware and software, and various other technologies that comprise a modern security management system. We will connect these systems to your network infrastructure and to any emergency response systems, enabling direct access to law enforcement and other first responders, as appropriate. And we will roll out and train you on the software that will be tasked with monitoring your security, even when you aren’t monitoring it. We make sure that, with the tools we provide, you are prepared to respond quickly to any threat, though at the same time, we hope these are tools you will never have to use.

Take the next step today!

Encore Technology Group helps educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises access and manage data, engage stakeholders and measure results. Interested in learning more about physical security? Please contact us to schedule a consultation.





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